A Content Curation Strategy

  1. Other websites are “Subscribed” to
  2. Content from “Subscribed” websites is automatically aggregated into a single “news” stream
  3. Content is “bookmarked” from other websites
  4. Content is assigned to topics and is tagged by a content admin
  5. Content automatically populates topical landing pages based on assigned topic
  6. Images and other media are added to the content to enhance the user experience
  7. Micro-reviews or descriptions are added to content by a content admin
  8. Content is manually curated as “Featured” by a content admin
  9. Top level website navigation reflects the topical structure and nature of the site
  10. Curated content shows up under topical sections on homepage of website, which is constantly fed and updated as the curation process takes place
  11. Algorithms auto-curate based on user engagement
  12. Website readers curate content by rating and reviewing it
  13. Related “stories” are selected and added to content pieces based on an algorithm that analyzes data based on topic, tags, relevance, user activity, and content curation
  14. An API allows for related content to be delivered to other websites, mobile applications, and social media landing pages