Making WordPress the next web app platform!

Create your next web app with KickPress, a web development tool and public API integrated into WordPress. You can create custom post types, taxonomies and fields. And you’ll save hours of development time with the extendable modules.

KickPress addresses many features that WordPress doesn’t offer out-of-the-box. As these features are interrelated and need to play well together, they should all be part of just one plugin.

Download the KickPress plugin for WordPress

Check out KickPress Publisher theme


For Administrators

  1. Allows for point-and-click post type management
  2. Adds user roles and capabilities control
  3. Adds content publication workflow

For Designers

  1. Has an expanded multi-view template architecture, e.g. For Events, “Day View”, “Week View”, “Month View”, “List View”
  2. Adds robust navigation, pagination, and taxonomy widgets
  3. Adds advanced filtering and sorting

For Developers

  1. Uses session-based data storage
  2. Has object relationships (a la group-members, user-favorites, etc)
  3. Turns your WordPress install into a public API
    • Adds a ReSTful API to WordPress
    • OAuth-enabled for remote user authentication
    • Object-oriented resource controllers (post type modules)
    • Post meta-types: People, Items, Locations, & Events

Note: This version is a beta pre-release, all functions and variables are subject to change without notice. Please report any issues to help make this a better product.