Documentation of the KickPress plugin.

Built In Toolbars


KickPress comes with an advanced toolbar library that allows for custom toolbars to be rendered from within your theme. Toolbars include the View Togglebar, the Alphabar, the Category Toolbar, and more. Additional toolbars can be added through the use of WordPress’ native add_action calls.

Allows for posts within a post type to be sorted alphabetically by any predefined field belonging to that post type e.g. sort people by the first letter of their last name.

View Togglebar
Allows for theme developers to create multiple views of collections of posts e.g. Events can be toggled between “Month”, “Week”, “Day”, and “Upcoming” views.

Category Filtering Toolbar
Allows for the selection of filtering content on a page by any given category, some of the built in category filtering options include: tabs, links, radio buttons, etc.

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