Documentation of the KickPress plugin.

Custom Post Types


KickPress adds a simple user interface to the WordPress admin for adding and managing custom post types.  KickPress creates a new custom post type by default called “Post Types” and any new post added to that post type is automatically added to the admin sidebar as a new post type.


  • After installing KickPress a new admin menu item is available in the admin toolbar called “Post Types”
  • Add a new post with the title of “People” and save the post.
  • After adding the new “Post Type” with the title of “People” to your site, a new admin menu item is installed called “People” and it appears just below the “Post Types” admin menu item.
  • Try adding a new post to with the title of “John Doe” to the newly created custom post type “People”
  • Navigate to the your sites newly created custom post type by visiting and visit your newly created post by visiting http://your-site-name/people/john-doe/

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