Changing what’s possible with web publishing!

The three greatest challenges facing a blogger’s online and social media presence are growing an audience, monetizing content, and saving time. And yet, there aren’t any web services to help you overcome these challenges – until now!

Introducing KickPress Publisher, a content curation and social sharing tool that streamlines your content discovery and online publishing that will keep readers coming back to your site for a steady stream of relevant content.

Curating is the new blogging

Curation is fast becoming one of the most important online activities – whether on Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. Sites and apps like Digg, Reddit, and Flipboard are making a dramatic impact on the way we consume content. And there are countless curation services such as ROCKZi, Medium and Bundlr. But unlike these services, social networks or sites – you can own the service and you can own the ad revenue.

In a typical area of interest, there are sometimes hundreds of content sources and daily stories. But the task of finding, curating, and sharing content can be daunting. Now there’s a tool that gives you simple, yet powerful, push-button curation – just one site to visit the top 20 stories of the day in your areas of interest. Whether you’re already a blogger or just getting started, curation is the key to attracting, engaging, and retaining visitors.

Traditional blogs have just two modes, on or off, but KickPress Publisher allows a much greater amount of flexibility for your publishing routine. If you can’t find the time to post your own blog posts, you can still count on a steady flow of content by curating the feed for as little as 15 minutes each day. And if time allows you can add your own thoughts around the curated content. You can even have certain feeds automatically post to your site. It’s all the flexibility you need while still providing that bare minimum required for attracting and retaining visitors.

Blogging alone doesn’t cut it anymore, and that is why 95% of blogs fail

It’s 7 o’clock Monday morning, you’re sipping your coffee thinking about what to blog next, but nothing. You decide to read up on all of your favorite websites. In 20 minutes you scan through hundreds of articles, publish 15 of them to your readers and schedule them to be posted automatically to social media sites throughout the day. On a few of the articles you write your own commentary as the lead in. You then read an article which gives you some great ideas for your next blog post.

Here are the key benefits that will transform your web presence

Grow your audience

Grow your audience with social media integration and SEO using trending keywords.

Monetize curation

Monetize curation by building your own community of interest and owning your data.

Save time

Save a bunch of time by streamlining content discovery, publishing and sharing.

Look great

Look great with a nicely designed contemporary theme and flexible options.

There are many other benefits – KickPress combines aggregation, curation, social media, social bookmarking, the interest graph and an RSS reader with an optimized experience for quickly scanning your feed. There’s also a beautiful slider to feature important content, several themes to choose from, and many other customizations to better reflect your brand.

And that is just the beginning – We have an ambitious roadmap planned out with great new features we’re already working on – more great themes, a recommendation engine, and social discovery to name a few. So take the plunge and see how you can benefit from this innovative approach to web publishing. We’re sure you’ll love it!

“The interest graph is a much bigger deal going forward than the social graph.”
- Eric Jackson, Forbes


Content Curation

The content curation features allow for “push button” content promotion from the front page of your site.

Content Aggregation

The self-hosted content aggregator pulls in news stories from all around the web, keeping your site fresh.


Built in bookmarklets allow for content bookmarking to your website from around the web to facilitate content discovery.

Social Sharing

The social sharing features keep bringing your readers back to your site with every shared link.


The self promotion features help to position you as a subject matter expert on your favorite topics.

Social Bookmarking

The self-hosted bookmarking and read-it-later services keep you informed and relevant, on your schedule.

Micro-review Platform

The micro-review platform allows you to add your own thoughts to the links you share on your site.

Topical Landing Pages

Topical landing pages that group stories together by category with an enhanced visual layout.

Contemporary Themes

Multiple “views” of the content on your site makes for a state-of-the-art user experience.

RSS Reader with Readability

A built in RSS Feed Reader with Readability integration makes it easy to keep up with the latest.

Subscription Management

RSS Feeds include an auto syndication option where stories from trusted sources can automatically publish to your website.

URL Shortener

A built in self-hosted URL shortener reinforces your brand and keeps readers coming back to your site.

Mobile Friendly

Built with the latest responsive design techniques, your site will be accessible on mobile devices.

Scheduled Social Sharing

Scheduled social sharing is made possible through Buffer integration with an account on

Flickr Integration API integration for adding featured images to posts with an account on

Public API

The KickPress Plugin that powers this WordPress theme comes with a built in public API.

Get started

KickPress Publisher is a premium WordPress theme that turns your new or existing WordPress powered website into a content curation and online publishing platform.

After downloading the KickPress Publisher theme and uploading it to the WordPress themes folder on your web server, make sure to follow the step-by-step installation instructions on the Quick Start Guide page.

Once the KickPress Publisher theme is installed on your site, you can begin to enhance your online publishing in a few simple steps:

  • Aggregate: Follow the websites you want in your feed
  • Curate: Choose the content from your feed that you want to publish and feature
  • Enhance: Add your thoughts to articles from the curated feed by writing reviews
  • Publish: Create and feature your own blog posts
  • Share: Share on Twitter, Facebook and Google with your own URL shortener

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