Changing what’s possible with web publishing!

The three greatest challenges facing a blogger’s online and social media presence are growing an audience, monetizing content, and saving time. And yet, there aren’t any web services to help you overcome these challenges – until now!

Introducing KickPress Publisher, a content curation and social sharing tool that streamlines your content discovery and online publishing that will keep readers coming back to your site for a steady stream of relevant content.

Blogging alone doesn’t cut it anymore, and that is why 95% of blogs fail

It’s 7 o’clock Monday morning, you’re sipping your coffee thinking about what to blog next, but nothing. You decide to read up on all of your favorite websites. In 20 minutes you scan through hundreds of articles, publish 15 of them to your readers and schedule them to be posted automatically to social media sites throughout the day. On a few of the articles you write your own commentary as the lead in. You then read an article which gives you some great ideas for your next blog post.

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