Changing what’s possible with web publishing!

The three greatest challenges facing a blogger’s online and social media presence are growing an audience, monetizing content, and saving time. And yet, there aren’t any web services to help you overcome these challenges – until now!

Introducing KickPress Publisher, a content curation and social sharing tool that streamlines your content discovery and online publishing that will keep readers coming back to your site for a steady stream of relevant content.

Curating is the new blogging

Curation is fast becoming one of the most important online activities – whether on Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. Sites and apps like Digg, Reddit, and Flipboard are making a dramatic impact on the way we consume content. And there are countless curation services such as ROCKZi, Medium and Bundlr. But unlike these services, social networks or sites – you can own the service and you can own the ad revenue.

In a typical area of interest, there are sometimes hundreds of content sources and daily stories. But the task of finding, curating, and sharing content can be daunting. Now there’s a tool that gives you simple, yet powerful, push-button curation – just one site to visit the top 20 stories of the day in your areas of interest. Whether you’re already a blogger or just getting started, curation is the key to attracting, engaging, and retaining visitors.

Traditional blogs have just two modes, on or off, but KickPress Publisher allows a much greater amount of flexibility for your publishing routine. If you can’t find the time to post your own blog posts, you can still count on a steady flow of content by curating the feed for as little as 15 minutes each day. And if time allows you can add your own thoughts around the curated content. You can even have certain feeds automatically post to your site. It’s all the flexibility you need while still providing that bare minimum required for attracting and retaining visitors.

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