Lindsey Graham tests positive for Covid-19 after being vaccinated

By | August 2, 2021

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Monday that he had tested positive for Covid-19 after being vaccinated, saying that he had only mild symptoms and emphasizing that he was grateful to have gotten the shot.

“I was just informed by the House physician I have tested positive for #COVID19 even after being vaccinated,” the South Carolina Republican wrote on Twitter. “I started having flu-like symptoms Saturday night and went to the doctor this morning.”

Graham added that he currently felt as if he had a sinus infection and would be quarantining for 10 days.

“I am very glad I was vaccinated because without vaccination I am certain I would not feel as well as I do now,” he said in the tweet. “My symptoms would be far worse.”

Graham’s pro-vaccine messaging follows a surge in Delta variant cases in the U.S., with some areas reinstating their mask mandates to curb the spread. Though vaccinated individuals can get breakthrough infections and spread the virus, their odds of having severe symptoms are significantly lower than they are for unvaccinated individuals. CDC data shows that fewer than .001 percent of fully vaccinated people have died from a breakthrough Covid-19 case.

Many Republican lawmakers have ramped up their efforts to get Americans vaccinated in recent weeks as Republicans remain less likely to get the Covid-19 shots. Also in the Senate, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is running pro-vaccine ads and reflecting on his experience with polio as a child.

Graham is not the first lawmaker to have tested positive with a Covid-19 breakthrough case. Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.) reported that he tested positive despite being fully vaccinated, and the Capitol attending physician reinstated a mask mandate in the House last week amid concerns about the Delta variant spreading.